Mana Plus: Manufacturer of EPS polystyrene facade

About Mana Plus

The use of prefabricated materials worldwide has a long history in the construction industry. The industry today has taken significant steps to change and advance in building technology, with the goal of finding a suitable successor to traditional methods.
Manaplus has a long experience in producing modern building facades, equipped with modern technology, with the most advanced production lines and relying on specialized, creative, young and experienced forces, aiming to optimize construction costs and reduce execution time, Produce high quality EPS Compact Polystyrene Sheet with Polymer Coated (Modern Building Materials).

Run classic views with EPS & XPS panels

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What is polystyrene?

Polystyrene is a synthetic polymer made of styrene monomer (a petrochemical material), which is available in three types: ordinary, resistant and expandable.

XPS and EPS are derivatives of polystyrene which are popularly called foam, unolite.
XPS or EPS is a polystyrene product that is used in the construction, including the production of leaf plaster, decorative parts and prefabricated lightweight

Run Roman prefabricated facades with EPS & XPS panels

Features of Manaplus Products

  • Lightweight materials
  • Fast shipping
  • Quick and easy installation without the need for ironing and ratcheting
  • Decreasing load on the building
  • Easy passage of construction equipment
  • Ability to repair and stain
  • Saving waste of building materials
  • Use of halogen and secret light
  • Earthquake Resistance
  • Moisture resistance
  • Variety of design and implementation of modern, Roman, classic and …
  • Run on all surface
  • Immediate implementation in bulk projects suitable for industrialization
  • Mass production capability and accelerated execution of requested designs

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Product Specifications

1.5 %

41 kpa

61 kpa

0.036 w/mk

101 kpa

1.41 %